Most of our sales go through and our own online auction site.

Payment methods are cash, bank cards and most credit cards.



Only available on our Finnish website.



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Auction Terms & Conditions
1. All items are sold as is.

2. The items bought may not be exchanged or returned under any circumstances and the purchaser is
responsible for inspecting the condition of the item.

3. Lost & Found International, Inc. is not responsible for the functionality, authenticity or safety of the items

4. All items are sold without warranty.

5. The sold items are the buyers property when the item is paid for in full, not before.

6. All forms of audio and video recording are forbidden to safeguard the privacy of our customers.

7. We cannot make any promises as to the authenticity of the information presented in the item catalogue and a purchase should not be made based solely on this information. The buyer is responsible for inspecting theitems during the exhibition.

8. A bid during the auction is a binding offer of purchase.

9. Lost & Found International, Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline the highest bid.

10. The buyer is responsible for the transport and storage of all purchased items.

11. All purchased items must be removed from the auction premises immediately after the auction is over. The auctioneer reserves the right to remove and destroy all items left within the auction premises after the auction is over and the buyer is responsible for any cost associated with this.

12. By participating in the auction, the person is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and
committed to comply with them