Online inquiry

Online inquiry is available only for customers of the Turku and Kouvola offices. In practice, this means companies located in Varsinais Suomi, Satakunta, Pirkanmaa, Keski Suomi, Kymenlaakso, South Karelia or Päijät-Häme region. Among our centralized clients, Turku serves VR and Viking Line customers in lost and found goods, and the Kouvola office serves the customers of travel agencies. For other customers, the use of inquiry is not possible. Especially for companies located in the capital region, the inquiry cannot be used.

By submitting us an online inquiry we will search for your lost property from our database and contact you when we have found your lost item. We actively try to identify your lost property. The inquiry expires after two weeks.

An online inquiry costs 4,95 €.

The date and the place where the item was lost

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Contact information

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The lost item

Describe the item as good as possible.
For example: for lost glasses: the strength and shape of the lenses.
For example: for lost phone: make and model, IMEI-code or SIM-card number.

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