Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu | Customer service 24/7 +358 600 41006 paid, check price list

  • It typically takes from one day to two weeks until we receive the lost items. We recommend that you wait for one to two days since you lost something before contacting us.
  • You may contact us by visiting our offices, by phone or by submitting an online inquiry of a lost item. Inquiring about the lost item at the lost and found office is free of charge. Please check the price list for other inquiries
  • When contacting us via paid channels (online inquiry or phone service), please leave us your contact details and the description of the lost item. We will contact you right after we have found your property. Please don’t contact us many times via paid channels.
  • When the lost property has been found, you can pick it up from a lost and found office or order a delivery. Please check the price list and locations of the lost and found offices
  • We are happy to develop our service based on your feedback